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Danish inspired sci fi spacefleet

16 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


can you create a super big science fiction ship thats at the same time royal
sci fi planet, space station, buildings
sci fi fortress, modern
space dock
a space festival with futuristic technology
A science fiction space setting
The Loss and Damage Fund and its conflicts in futuristic style
photorealistic. its a dark night. A man and his son are watching, holding hands. A huge spaceship is slowly moving 100 metres above the ground in the distance. It's a hyper futuristic chrome studded battleship. its many turrets are glowing. Its menacing arrow-like shape is damaged. a number of smaller fighter craft are circling in a protective pattern. the ground is strewn craters and the remains of a bombed out city. explosions are visible in the distance.
alien capital ship, space, high resolution
designed by Daniel Simon , Realistic panoramic view of a huge space base with a huge window flying over the earth, sharp focus, concept art, very detailed, very realistic, trending on artstation, in the style of star citizen, star wars, overwatch, beautifull, sci fi
الفضاء الخارجي المتناهي الحمال
space, high_resolution, high detail , realistic, realism, futuristic, galactic capital city, techno, ancient, mystic, ion_engines, many small space ships in the background

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