Placeholder: Abu Obaida(أبو عبيدة) Palestinian spokesman , cartoon 2d Abu Obaida(أبو عبيدة) Palestinian spokesman , cartoon 2d



Abu Obaida(أبو عبيدة) Palestinian spokesman , cartoon 2d

15 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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man with mutton chops beard with a grey tunic in the style of a comic
Drawing of Brazilian President Lula with a bad face
Please draw a guy with a beard, no mustache, short light hair, piercing eyes, dressed in black and gray. Show that he is a whiskey fan.
Isma'il Pasha, (اسماعیل پاشا) Khedive, Ismail Pasha, Vector, Illustration, Real, 3/4 view, Digital Painting, flat color, 3/4 view, Position,
A very thin man wearing a brown galabiya with a heavy coat over it and a yellowish-white Arab hat. The man is short and has a medium-thick mustache and a beard with some shaved hair. Make the painting high-resolution drawing in the style of a funny comic or the same style of drawing the novel The Good Soldier Švek by the writer Jaroslav Hašek.
. Dr. Shumukh is a commanding voice; Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and loyalists, thank you for being here today. We stand on the brink of change, about to regain what is right for us, (he lifts his fist) [cut shots from the crowd, capture their concentrated expressions and intense energy see the design etched on your faces.
middle-aged man standing tall with a brown beard and he is bald has thin black glasses comic book style with realism
반고흐풍으로 그려 줘
distressed POTRAIT image of YASER ARAFAT, use keffiyeh uniform, vector art, flat design, use ken taylor style, gloomy color, hard line
Bedir_Khan_Pasha_(Bedir_Khan_Beg), میر بدرخان، Digital Painting, color, sketch, minimal, drawing, illustration,
Portrait of author Frank Herbert in the style of the mugshot of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. High definition picture.
A man in the style of a drawing from long past

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