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linda yaccarino, pharaonic princess
a woman in a blue and gold outfit with a crown on her head, cleopatra portrait, beautiful cleopatra, egyptian princess, egyptian, cleopatra, pharoah, pharaoh, egypt god, portrait of cleopatra, wind egyptian god, highly detailed character, nefertiti, egyptian god, storm egyptian god, ancient egyptian, goddess. extremely high detail, ancient libu princess
Generate an image depicting Cleopatra, the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, showcasing her political acumen and regal presence, photorealistic, hyperrealistic
Queen Hatshepsut, the rich scent of frankincense collected by the Scent Queen herself. Shot on a Hasselblad high format camera with a 100mm lens. Unmistakable to a photograph. Cinematic lighting. Very accurate representations and details for the photos 4k, 8k, 16k, full ultra hd, high resolution and cinematic photography --ar 3:2 --v 5 --up-beta --v 5 --Screen Space Reflections --Diffraction Grading --Chromatic Aberration --GB Displacement --Scan Lines --Ambient Occlusion --Anti-Aliasing FKAA -
((Hyperrealistic,hyperdetailed The image, possibly a photograph, captures the rugged and gritty details of Nefertiti)).
Half-body shot portrait of the beautiful and mesmerizing Cleopatra, as depicted in movies, goddess, Set against a dark background of mist and wonder. symmetry, symmetrical, 37 years old, symmetrical eyes, parallel eyes, open eyes, closed mouth. A relaxed neutral expression, looking straight ahead, passport photo pose, beautiful, alluring, tantalizing, mesmerizing, captivating, profound beauty, piercing eyes, chesty, magical ethereal, fantasy, stunning, highest resolution, even lighting, biblical
Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, light lipstick
Gorgeous photography full body Beautiful super model Egyptian Queen Cleopatra woman dressing Lady Angel colorful art conceptual, amazing artwork, hyper detailed, ultra maximalist quality, 12k , close-up portrait,crystal ornaments background, golden hour
Cleopatra finds herself in exile, navigating the complexities of Alexandria's political landscape. Describe her initial reactions and the strategies she employs to regain support. hyperrealistic,8k,cinematic
A beautiful Pharaonic woman
a Highly detailed photorealistic portrait of Queen Cleopatra in Egyptian ceremonial dress, standing in full sized, 3d character t-pose, a plain white background
(dark tan skin woman:1.5), (best quality, highest quality, masterpiece, absurdres, high resolution, 8k uhd, super resolution face, megapixel, ultra realistic face, high details, detailed and intricate, absurd amount of details:1.2), (30y.o. Egyptian-Japanese woman, full body image:1.4), (extremely dark skin:1.4), (absurdly long ruby red hair, insanely long ruby red hair:1.4), (bright blue eyes, blue eyes:1.2), (very muscular, large muscles:1.3), (smiling:1.2)

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