Placeholder: A brown town with buildings made out of instruments painted by Pablo Picasso A brown town with buildings made out of instruments painted by Pablo Picasso



A brown town with buildings made out of instruments painted by Pablo Picasso

13 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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5120 × 2880


صورة واقعية لمدينة إسبانية
لوحة واقعية لمدينة إسبانية
paysage avec immeubles colorés , terrasses, bars, un jour de grand vent ;route en centre ville urbain a la maniere d edward hoopper,
Ζωγραφικη από πόλη του 1950 οπτικοποιημένος δρομος με κτιρια τετράγωνα, παραλληλόγραμμα και κυλινδρικά σχήματα, αναδεικνύοντας την πολύχρωμη ομορφιά της οικοδόμησης σε στυλ Joan Miró και Wassily Kandinsky, επιπεδα χρωματα, κοντινό πλάνο υψηλής ευκρίνειας 4k
picasso style building cubism
M c Escher in full colour, Margaret Tarrant, Surreal, mysterious, strange, fantastical, fantasy, Sci-fi, Japanese anime, perspective of the lost sky, point/line perspective, parallel perspective foot method, 45° method of full-angle perspective, point method of full-angle perspective, oblique perspective Line perspective, shadow perspective/enlarged perspective, bird perspective, three-point perspective, beautiful blonde miniskirt girl Alice drawing a perspective view, detailed masterpiece
A cozy town on a cloud, has cute houses in it, the sky is grey, painted by Frida Kahlo
lisbon city view, azulejos tiles, handrawn style, indie, folksy
A cozy little town with cute houses, the town is on a cloud and the sky is grey, it's raining, painted by Pablo Picasso
نوستالجيا مدينة إسبانية
An abstract geometric painting depicting a landscape of an ancient medieval city with castles, towers, churches, vaults, culverts and bells in a very stylized and cubist way. The composition consists of various shapes, forms and geometric elements arranged to create the impression of buildings, structures and architectural elements in an urban landscape. The shapes and forms used in the painting are a combination of straight lines, angles, curves and circles, creating a sense of rhythm and mo
In Einer Stad ohne Menschen Viele Pfalntzen Kleine Häüser auch alte ein grosse ausschnitt

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