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treant walking in the forest, photography, dnd,

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Лесной Дух - это призрачное существо, которое обитает в глубоких лесах. Оно имеет форму человека, но его кожа покрыта мхом и лишайниками, что позволяет ему прекрасно растворяться в окружающей природе. Лесные Духи питаются энергией деревьев и могут вызывать густой туман, чтобы запутать своих жертв.
giant hiding in the woods
very auburn-hairy handsome-Welsh human-creature in tropical jungle during a rainstorm, detailed photograph, Nikon lens
Now within nature's verdant vales my form dons dress woven from planet's kindliest fibers, leaves and mosses patching where steel once lay. Hands shape wood and stone with care, tending tasks to nourish all surrounding. Eyes keen as any forest creature's scan for threats, aid those weaker find protection under bough and thicket's sway. Within this woodland hall rings laughter like birdsong where once stood citadels encasing sorrow. Lips curve easy, sharing nourishment harder than any alloy manki
terrifying giant hiding in the woods
primal treant, photography, detailed bark
Peter Mohrbacher, shadow forest spirit , with highly detailed, sharply lined facial features, in the deep forest of Brokilon in rustic woodland colors, 4k
dark forst
un monstre qui inspire la peur dedans les bois la nuit forme humanoïde peaux humaine
Forest dryad,full body, full shot,forest,Sony Alpha 7 50mm 1.8,medium shot, high-resolution image with fine details, citrine, ultra detailed,ultra realistic,extremely realistic,intricate,photorealistic,epic composition,masterpiece,H.R.Giger style
cannabalistic wendigo
dedans les bois la nuit forme humanoïde, peaux humaine nuit nuit grand fin monstre migre

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