Placeholder: a woman in a hood walking down a dark medieval alley in the rain a woman in a hood walking down a dark medieval alley in the rain



a woman in a hood walking down a dark medieval alley in the rain

signature, text, watermark, letters, two heads, two faces, three hands, ((crooked hands)), ((many fingers)), ((crooked feet)), V deformed hand, Francis bacon, toy, sculpture, ugly, tiled, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn hands, ((strabismus)), ((different eyes)), slanted eyes, crooked eyes, ear defects, extra ears, ugly face shapes, double copying facial elements, poorly drawn face, out of frame, off center, superfluous limbs, mutilated, deformed, body out of frame, blurred, poor anatomy, blur

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5120 × 2880


fantasy dark city, old photo style, rain
في القرون الوسطى في المغرب لص يمشي بين الدروب ليلا
man in a long coat with a hood, face partially hidden, in a dark alley of a big city. Style realistic, but with a slight scify twist
(Chef-dœudansre:1.2, meilleur qualité), (Image réelle, Détails complexees), (Nuit, Sombre, averse:1.4) Il n’y avait personne dans la ruelle, et les environs étaient silencieux, Seules les gouttes de pluie saupoudrées sur les avant-toits de tuiles des maisons basses proches et lointaines, un léger bruissement. Sous la pluie froide, (1fille, veste à capuche mouillée, triste, les larmes aux yeux, frissonnement:1.2) squatter le sol,
Horror ominous background. Cinematic style.
In the background you can see an eerie ghostly silhouette in a black robe against the backdrop of thick fog and city buildings, black clouds in the sky, horror film style, gray tones, detail
3d, medieval, male, 30 years old, intimidating, armored bandits, cobble street alley background, midnight
Hyper Realistic man walking between a prehistoric narrow street with ancient wooden houses gates at dark foggy night
shady cloaked dealer dnd in a dark alley street under the moon, surreal fantasy
a melancholic & mysterious cityscape, Gothic-inspired buildings, desolate streets, at night
A man alone on a deserted street summoning a ghost
girl yalda night A dark alley yalda night, hidden shadows, a street light, puddle of rain,

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