Placeholder: luce blu, blocco energetico, telefono cibernetico luce blu, blocco energetico, telefono cibernetico



luce blu, blocco energetico, telefono cibernetico

1 month ago

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an air purifier in the corner of a room with a red light in the middle of it.
heating by an electric
quentinhas em 3d
Generate an inspiring image with glowing.An inspire
in a long coil droplets are changing colour form blue to red, at the end of the coil red droplets are dropping, rays of light from a white light bulb are shining onto the coil
radial texture: blue lightning orb, cloudy sphere of energy
introduçao sobre a luminotecnia
light in the dark
quentinhas em 3d
Make a modern computer with great lighting
a brightly lit room with a mirror and a neon light, sci - fi aesthetics, dreamy colorful cyberpunk colors, scifi scene, artem demura beeple, sci - fi details, cyberpunk aesthetics, sci - fi scene, style hybrid mix of beeple, surreal sci fi set design, arstation and beeple highly, greg beeple, neon city
creates an image of a colorful light bulb and a neon background that is not centered but is further to the left

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