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Kandinsky 2.2

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espaço vazio cyber
Futuristic image of networks and servers for retail
digital corporate real estate management, transformation, strategy, backlight
Abstract image of data flowing from web server into database
espaço vazio cyber verde
futuristic corridor
digital hospital, transformation, strategy, backlight, blue
un fondo 3d con motivos de informática al estilo futurista
Energy of the future, blue, neon
generate futuristic background
Abstract depiction of a futuristic factory, with connected elements like a computer chip. Make it futuristic and masculine. Emphasis on complexity but make it clean and neat. An awe inspiring top down view. A network of dark metal and abstract iridescent lines and solid, darkly metallic parts that are complex beyond understanding yet somehow simple. Dark themed but some cool colors and a tiny bit of warm colors. A labyrinth of technology and complexity. A solid, physical expanse
BOCETO A LINEAS DIBUJO DEL SIGUIENTE TEXTO: Infraestructura Tecnológica Flexible: Implementa sistemas y tecnologías que puedan actualizarse fácilmente para incorporar nuevas funcionalidades o adaptarse a las tendencias emergentes.

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