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dream sculpture arman

26 days ago

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3328 × 4992


dream sculpture arman
ceramic sculpture, beautiful, modern, c
the most unusual piece of art
Medusa by hr gieger
Neural sculpture bust in white
Bellek konusunda algısal mekan yaratan heykel
3D render ultra detailed of a handsome male DRYAD, from knee to head, biomechanical cyborg, analog, 35 mm lens, beautiful natural soft rim light, big leaves and stems, roots, fine foliage lace, colorful details, samourai, earring, heavely tattoed, intricate details, mesh wire, mandelbrot fractal, facial muscles, cable wires, microchip, badass, hyper realistic, ultra detailed, octane render, volumetric lighting, 8k post-production, red and white, detailled metalic bones, semi human
a close up of a sculpture of a person, by Tomokazu Matsuyama, tumblr, psychedelic art, 3d abstract render overlayed, hans bellmer and nadav kander, colorful ferrofluid armor, (((francis bacon)))style, with the artwork showcasing a highly detailed and godsend-like quality, resulting in a visually breathtaking masterpiece that seamlessly combines elements of 3D rendering and digital art to evoke a sense of wonder and awe
scultura di alex bellan
Nervürlü demir, minimal mekana yerleştirme heykeli
scultura di alex bellan
Superstring god, quantum deity, interdimensional beauty. human face looking down, eyes closed looking down, face only, frontal facing, profile, intricate origami flowers, detailed quilling paper, translucent plastic wrap. mixed media impressionism, fine arts and crafts, intricate embroidery, rococo spirtualism.

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