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Dream city, color, nature

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Dream city, color, green nature
 4k realistic Beautiful landscape
water reflection, sci-fi, retrowave city
city, sci-fi, lake, ships, clouds, john foxx influence
Nature city
اجمل صور في العالم
Ultra detailed fullbody Portrait in oil on canvas of Ghost Of Tsushima scenery,intense stare,extremely detailed digital painting, extremely detailed face,crystal clear Big eyes, mystical colors ,perfectly centered image, perfect composition, rim light, beautiful lighting,masterpiece,8k, stunning scene, raytracing, anatomically correct, in the style of robert e howard and Ken Kelley and Ohrai Noriyoshi and Simon Bisley and tomzj1
Majestic tech world, psychedelic, blue tones, tech landscape, a hint of red shown as violence or a threat, new unique world of tech
silhouette, monde en fleurs, concept art, crépuscule , bleu oranger, vibrant Color, réaliste
city, sci-fi, flowers, rocks, johnny mnemonic influence
full light,highlight, trees, river, day, sun day, an idyliic forest with bright colorful flowers, mountains, sun,flower, a small river, paradise