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cute collectible doll

2 years ago

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Euler A.


2560 × 2560


cute collectible doll
a close up of a doll with a flower in her hair, pale muted pastel moody colors, jabberwocky, detailed realistic expressions, light makeup focus, resin, in a desolate, of romanticism a center image, earnest, shot with Sony Alpha a9 Il and Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS lens, natural light, hyper realistic photograph, ultra detailed -ar 3:2 -q 2 -s 750
realistic portrait of an anime waifu doll, light eye color, and youthful looking silicone skin
full color, illustration of a dark, menacing, monster girl Singer Melanie Martinez , as a decayed, broken, crude homemade cloth doll toy, with a narrow cracked porcelain face, thick dark eyebrows, hair made from ragged strips of cloth, in the style of Alex Pardee, Tim Burton, and Nadya Sheremet
close-up, portrait photo, face paint, porcelain doll, symmetrical, minimalism --ar 16:9
Jenna ortega with wednesday addams black dress,soft goth libstick, wednesday addams make up, overknee socks, dramatic lighting, highly detailed oil painting, volumetric lighting
Realistic and detailed concept art of baby character, bighead, big eyes, super thick upper lip, High quality. The background is set on Saturn.
ninja girl with brown bob, straight bangs brown eyes, eyeliner
White figure of a little girl with completely black eyes
realistic portrait of an anime waifu doll, no hair, light eye color, and youthful looking silicone skin, small cranium
realistic Cute and sweet Japanese little girl with light pink blond wavy hair, round face, pink ribbon earrings, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, brown watery eyes
"Blancanieves"una niña con la piel tan blanca como la nieve, de labios carmesíes y cabello oscuro

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