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the eye of mount doom

7 months ago

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the eye of mount doom
An evil, Demonoid eyeball made entirely of crimson blood, on top of a long, muscular, veiny stalk, rising up from a puddle of viscous blood seeping from the ground in a dripping, nightmarish clearing at night. Dariusz Zawadzki, horror Gustave Doré Greg Rutkowski, Pulsating Veins, Hyperrealistic, splash art, concept art, full shot, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, wide angle, side light, colorful background
Terraria eye of cthulu
eye and pyramid mystic
the eye of mount doom
the eye of mount doom
double exposure in an Eyeball, by Andreas Lie, black and white silhouette in the vision, noir imagery transparent layering, midnight cemetary malignant visions, by Russ Mills, by Kay Nielsen, by Sidney Sime; ethereal horror hyperdetailed mist Thomas Kinkade, 8k resolution, holographic cosmic illustration mixed media by Takashi Murakami
a large ominous red eye watching a person roam a desolate deep black landscape
Birth, becoming, life changes, shelter, liberation, sanctuary, secrets; or blurring of consciousness, deceit, sterility, stagnation, conspiracy, insecurity
// Illuminati pyramid eye
A realistic drawing in negative space black ink on white background of the eye of God inside a sun with very defined and correct details
چشم سوم

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