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Robert De Niro as Gandalf the Grey

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Oil painting of elfs from lord of the rings in the style of impressionism,high detail, mysterious, 8k, fog, oil painting style, abstract,
Generate an aging medieval busker staring at his reflection in a pond.
Samwise Gamgee, the treasure hunter, slight smirk on face
Zwerg mit langen bart, Graue haare
a portrait of gandalf the white, fantasy, sharp focus, intricate, elegant, digital painting, artstation, matte, highly detailed, concept art, illustration, ambient lighting, art by ilya kuvshinov, artgerm, alphonse mucha, and greg rutkowski
fantasy, Dwarf, wizard, male, with a beard, ian david mcshane
a cruel and sadistic old wizard, tall and thin old wizard with a long, white beard. He has sharp, beady eyes and a cruel smile. He is always dressed in black robes. unreal engine 5, concept art, art station, god lights, ray tracing, RTX, lumen lighting, ultra detail, volumetric lighting, 3d, scribbly, sketch
high-quality, fine-detail close-up pen and pencil sketch of alan Rickman as Severus Snape, portrait, young, 8k resolution, intricate, digital art, detailed matte painting, photorealistic, volumetric lighting, brian froud, howard lyon, selina french*, anna dittmann, annie stokes, lisa parker, greg rutowski
dalai lama like a demon with horn
hobbits in the shire scenery landscape, lord of the rings, higly-detailed symmetric faces, highly detailed, perfect lighting, perfect composition, 4 k, artgerm, derek zabrocki, greg rutkowski
Elon Musk as Gandalf in his Wizard Tower, highly detailed face, realistic face, beautiful detailed eyes, fantasy art, in the style of artgerm, illustration, epic, fantasy, intricate, hyper detailed, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, ray tracing, vibrant, photorealistic
wizard traviler teenager