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retrato de ciudad mecanicada
ancient arabian lost city by moebius
An image that describes the state of the world in ancient times and the future in a realistic and imaginative way
dystopian city
a landscape full of eerie biomechanoid trypophobic-mandelbulb-sierpinski-fractal-buildings. lovecraftian concept art in the style of Alan lee beksinski giger
deepsea city, in the style of Takeshi Obata, Tite Kubo
The climatic battle took place in an iconic war-torn city.
Massive city scale Totalitarian Utopia, with clean Brutalist Militarist architecture.
Amidst the undulating tapestry of a forgotten realm, where time seemed to have slowed to a whisper, there stood an architectural marvel that defied the boundaries of imagination. The landscape unfolded like a living canvas, painting strokes of wonder across the horizon. Towering spires reached for the heavens, their stone facades weathered by centuries of secrets, yet standing resolute against the passage of ages.
create a wildly conceptual illustration of a highly detailed irradiated, fetid, gaseous and decayed future Istanbul under a poisonous gloom utilizing asymmetric structural forms, in the sci fi art style of Don Maitz, , finely textured, drawn, colored, and inked
a dystopian city from extreme distance merging with Moloch
aerial view illustration of the battle torn ruins of a vast grungy , rusted, post apocalyptic fortress city, set in the wastes of an unknown desert planet, in the sci fi style of Sparth, Dan McPharlin and the comic book graphic style of Jean-Giraud Moebius, finely lined, highly detailed gritty textures, in vivid natural colors

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