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futuristic slavic cossack digital painting

deformed low quality ugly wierd face

21 days ago

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A sailor frozen and frostbitten and then they rise frost-crusted and icy a cold grip on a weapon, in organic art style
dnd, portrait of master of gravitation
dnd, fantasy, high resolution, portrait, medieval era keep guard
dnd, fantasy, high resolution, in a snowy northern town, portrait, dwarf male trader, medieval times
arroganter Ritter
The submarine mechanic Blicke Blocknyckel, a blonde man with a mullet and mutton chops realistic grimdark
Create a watercolor fantasy portrait of a dwarf prospector. Durim is a sturdy dwarf with a broad build, his muscular frame testament to years of hard labor in the mines. His face is weathered, adorned with scars earned from countless battles against both nature and the creatures of the wilderness. His beard, a fiery red, is braided and adorned with small trinkets and tokens of luck. He wears practical leather armor, reinforced with metal plates, and carries a warhammer slung over his shoulder.
warhammer 40k rogue trader male rugged features with brown colored beard dark green eyes and black military beret green clothes holding sword full body grim propaganda
,1older man, a older man with blue eyes and black hair man in silver Viking armor with fur around the neck with blue crystal on his chest , in the artic, warrior in anime style,
German ww2 young bearded tank commander in grey uniform realistic digital art
dnd, portrait of m
viking from year 800

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