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A raven

9 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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black raven portrait that wearing gothic clothes
viele Schwarze raben die auf einem Baum sind und nass sind aunf aufgeplustert. gezeichnet
black raven. simple drawing
Image of the crow rummaging through leaves or branches, discovering food.
Postapokalyptisches Porträt eines Raben
portrait of an elegant raven with heightened detail, poised, intense emotion, detailed surroundings, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, centered, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, by ( leonardo da vinci )
raven. very poorly drawed
Oil painting, close-up of a detailed raven's head, neck, and upper wing against a vintage patterned wallpaper background, intended as reference art for a painting , 8k , cinematic
viele Schwarze raben die auf einem Baum sind und nass sind aunf aufgeplustert
nfl ravens darkness is everything wallpaper
primer plano de un pájaro detective con sobre todo oscuro, policial negro, fondo de paisaje urbano, húmedo y oscuro, contraluz, atmosfera de misterio apuntando con la pistola ,su cara mirando al frente
black raven portrait wearing victorian clothes

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