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gold of the III Reich

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A logo in the form of an eagle in black, written under the Ahlawy eagle and next to it are 11 feathers in golden color
Jewelry design of migration
Goldin Phoenix at the top of the castle
طائر الفينيق رسم ابيض و اسود
Eagle ring in gold
A golden phoenix with an iridescent plumage that emits a warm, shimmering glow, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.
A white ring with angel wings .
الغراب الذهبي من المثيولوجا الشرقية
Eagle ring in gold
High-end state-of-the-art STEAMPUNK aesthetics flawless, Epic Eagle on forest background, close-up shot, hard light chiaroscuro, realistic, vivid, professional, extremely detailed, stunning, wondrous, fantastic, supreme cinematic-quality photography,walnut wood green armour rugged, Art Nouveau-visuals,Vintage style Octane Render 3D technology,hyperrealism photography,(UHD) high-quality cinematic character render,Insanely detailed close-ups capturing beautiful complexity,8k
Ring of precious stones in the form of an eagle
an RPG-style bronze statuette in the shape of a raven with its wings spread and a plaque with the word "order" on it

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