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gambar sebuah apple di atas meja

3 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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an apple
apple made of shiny glass on garden table
Apple mobile in a hundred years from now
Close up of an apple fruit on a wet rock,moss,high details,dark place
manzana estilo salvador dali
buah apel merah
apple made of glass under sun
A vibrant red apple sitting on a wet rock covered with moss. The image showcases naturalism . The background emphasizes the apple body creating a bright and powerful composition,grey dark backround,dramatic scene
A green apple
Looking up into a tree of a large red apple\
нарисуй натюрморт, красное и зеленое яблоко, сочное, вкусное. Капельки воды на яблоке. Свет утренний из окра отражается в капельках воды и на поверхности стола и яблоках
apple made of glass

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