Placeholder: a vector of a lack JADEX b& red , noir effect a vector of a lack JADEX b& red , noir effect



a vector of a lack JADEX b& red , noir effect

17 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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an detailed abstract flat geometric portrait illustration of Jeff Beck with highly detailed facial features in the minimalist style of Willi Baumeister, Federico Babina and Petros Afshar, sharply drawn and finely lined, in vibrant natural colors
revolutionary portrait of che guevara but with the face of a very emotional Pepe The Frog and he has a perm.
a revolutionary pepe the frog as che guevara's iconic black and white portrait
portrait of mick jagger, dramatic lighting, illustration by Van Gogh Greg rutkowski, yoji shinkawa, 4k, digital art, concept art, trending on artstation
image of Maradona in the second half, minute 32, second 50 of the 1986 World Cup final. fused with the image of Maradona at the moment where he hits the ball with his hand, scoring a goal for the England soccer team in 1986. with a minimalist rhombus in the background covering the entire image. with a style for tattoos
Severus snape
Alan Wake from Alan Wake 2, Screen print, pop art, splash screen art, dark colors, digital art, 8k resolution trending on Artstation, midnight ratio, symmetrical, rule of thirds, geometric bauhaus, Artgerm, Pixar, Norman Rockwell, WLOP, intricately detailed concept
Black and red portrait of a Detective, constructivist glitch art, movie illustration, elegant
Zack Efron wearing sunglasses, very long hair and a leather jacket, a character portrait by Erwin Bowien, featured on flickr, neo-dada, synthwave, darksynth, retrowave
Masterpiece painting of Big Boss with an eyepatch from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, slight watercolor style, ultra detailed character, simple background, Professional Quality painting, full body shot, vibrant colors.
Keanu reeves lookalike with short hair and baseball hat comic book style tales from the crypt horror
putin is deadh

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