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пистолет расстреливает кандинского

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


Synesthetic Harmonies": Generate artwork inspired by the concept of synesthesia, where different senses intertwine. Use vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and abstract patterns to represent the experience of sound, music, or other sensory stimuli.
music art abstract
criar arte, tamanho 210mm x 95 mm, alta resolução, cores vibrantes ficando em degradê
crea una imagen futuristica del año 3000 con colores brillantes segun kandinsky
Create an original work of art that’s uses the colors red, orange, yellow, blue, black. Make it unique and beautiful
Imágen perro Dalmata hermoso, impactante, maximalista, calidad ultra, arte dsalpicaduras de color, 8k
Best of abstract art, best contrast, huge work, modern art, and Weird TEXT, in most abstract paintings.
vibrant splash of ethereal colors by android jones, abstract, WLOP, RHADS
color explosion 3d background picasso
criar arte, tamanho 95mm x 210mm, alta resolução, cores vibrantes ficando em degradê
mmerse yourself in the electrifying world of tearout dubstep with this dynamic and avant-garde profile picture. The artwork captures the essence of the genre through a fusion of bold, high-contrast colors that evoke a sense of intensity. Dominating the composition is a swirling, futuristic vortex of heavy basslines and aggressive synths, forming the core of the tearout experience.
art Design, 4K,

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