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الخيال الصيني مع الوان CG

11 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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الخيال الصيني مع الوان CG
un paysage magnifique dans un style japon anime
fantasy cartoon style illustration: Chinese mountain village
A floating island with water falls and many lotus trees with a pagoda in the middle of the island and a big red dragon that is flying in the skye
الخيال الصين
orientalische stadt gemälde
Generate an image depicting a serene village nestled between lush mountains and flowing rivers, where the peaceful life of a skilled samurai named Takeshi unfolds.
chinesee temple on a planet with a visible planet in the sky
Against the backdrop of the Year of the Dragon culture, the "Happy Chinese New Year" scene is spelled out on the flowers decorated with lanterns, fireworks, champagne glasses and streamers. The image will be highly detailed, with sharp focus, beautiful colors and rich lighting, as well as a 3D effect.
ancient chinese town
fantasy cartoon style illustration: chinese mountain forest village

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