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10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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gambar astronot
louis vuitton space men's fashion
An astronaut sitting in the field.
Astronaut stranded in space floating with a huge planet in the back ground, aliens in the background 8K fullscale
fondo de astronauta en horizontal
portrait of an astronaut without face
cat in astronaut suit
tabletop role-playing miniature of an space-farer wearing an atmospheric-pressure-suit in the style of space x, Boston dynamics, turrican. full body. concept art hyperrealism
astronaut in moon
astronaut no face looking to the earth from cosmos, photo-realistic, shot on Hasselblad h6d-400c, zeiss prime lens, bokeh like f/0.8, tilt-shift lens 8k, high detail, smooth render, down-light, unreal engine 5, cinema 4d, HDR, dust effect,, smoke
astronaut in coloful space
Primer plano de una tortuga astronauta con traje espacial blanco pero se aprecia la cara, dentro de la capsula espacial, ambiente tenso justo antes del despegue, el entorno son equipos electonicos, electricos, y computadoras de abordo

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