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Kandinsky 2.2

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Casa embrujada estilo de argentina
Загадковий будинок: Старовинний будинок, відомий як "Будинок Примар", викликає страх і цікавість у місцевих мешканців.
family house in forest lake clouds sun
On that cold and dark night, the picture tells about Jason, who settled on the idea of acquiring a beautiful house on the outskirts of the quiet town. The House appears in the center of the description as an old and abandoned place, where its peculiar attractiveness reflects its tempting price, which Jason could not resist. Mysterious tension permeates the conversation of local residents, who tell stories about the dark history of the house, its strange incidents and the appearance of ghosts on
Fantasi sebuah rumah yang ada di dunia gaib
In this chapter, Jason appears as a rational person who does not believe in myths and legends, as he decides to complete the deal to buy the old house despite the vague warnings given by the locals. The description describes the photo of Jason and his family deciding to make the house their shelter, and how the first weeks pass quietly without strange events. The emphasis is placed on the tranquility of the nights and the look of the house that appears naturally, creating a contrast between the
creepy house
dark scary cabin in the woods
Haunted house, trees in the distance, tree leaves on the ground, mischievous and gorgeous. Modifiers: intricate vibrantcolors awardwinning insanelydetailed digitalpainting conceptart horrorvibes
منزل موصول بكهرباء
Judul: "Darah dan Bayangan" Adegan 1: Rumah Tua di Pinggir Hutan (Layar hitam. Suara langkah kaki bergema di lantai kayu tua. Lampu redup menyoroti sebuah rumah tua di tengah hutan.) Leo: (dengan suara seram) Akhirnya, kita punya tamu baru, Zelyn. Zelyn: (dengan suara datar) Ah, Leo, kamu selalu begitu bersemangat untuk menyambut tamu. Adegan 2: Ruang Tamu Rumah Tua (Sean dan Orion memasuki ruang tamu yang gelap. Mereka berdua tampak cemas.) Sean: Ada sesuatu yang tidak beres dengan tempa

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