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Kandinsky 2.2

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Abstract portrait of woman with glitch effect illustration generative ai
AI futurist art
digital art minimal beautiful artistic asian girl bob medium hair head unreal engine brush strokes on hair
The core of a cuborg Revolutionary AI Art Generator: Transforming house into Visual Spectacles!" This description highlights the cutting-edge nature of using AI to create strange cover art, emphasizing the fusion of technology and creativity to produce captivating visual representations of music in a synthwave and vaporwave style
Design a high-resolution, flat-style profile photo for social media that encapsulates AI and digital health in a contemporary, high-tech theme. The image should feature a non-human, abstract, and flat-designed icon or symbol representing AI and digital health. Opt for a background with a solid, bold color that contrasts with the main elements, avoiding white to enhance the visual impact. Include minimalistic, tech-inspired shapes or patterns, rendered in a flat design style with contrasting colo
create a wildly imaginative cubist female character illustration with highly detailed facial features , sharply defined, boldly lined, in muted dark pastel colors
Beautiful young woman 22 years old sensual perfect face, red hair, background cubism abstract, 3D image highly detailed elegant masterpiece very attractive beautiful ultra detailed high definition crisp quality colourful pencil sketch no text vivid colors ashley wood Enki Bilal Figurative Art Endre Penovac Agnes Cecile Paul Kidby Benjamin Lacombe Rufus Dayglo Ridlija
Zebra painting with a woman's face, inspired by Peter Griek, mesmerizing contemporary digital art, complex face, abstract portrait, inspired by Alan Tasso, abstract face, artistic digital art, trending digital art, sophisticated digital art, inspired by Igor Mursky, abstract surrealism masterpiece , by Laszlo Balog
A close-up portrait in a geometric style with hard edges and sharply contrasting colors.
Ultra detalhado bonito androide feminino, retrato lateral, foco nítido, retrato vfx altamente detalhado, formas geométricas, iluminação global, por james jean e moebius e artgerm e liam brazier e victo ngai e tristan eaton. arte vetorial, ilustração digital, arte conceitual, dia de los muertos, HDR
Cubist art, love and hope
Antonio Oliveira Salazar, esboço simples só com contornos a lápis azul

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