Placeholder: A human brain in the shape of a cube A human brain in the shape of a cube



A human brain in the shape of a cube

7 months ago

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AI brain realistic
a gummy sweet that resembles a brain, but is pink instead of grey when cut in half, ( or bitten) a red gooey liquid that is strawberry sauce, comes out of the middle of the brain
a brain that looks like jelly bright in colour like glowing alien slime, cut by a knife, things flowing out
Insanely detailed Hd Photography of concept photography of a brain made from portuguese azulejo tiles, oozing ceramic, azulejo design visible, insanely good concept photography of an azulejo mind made from azulejo tiles inspired by Igor morski by Pranckevicius
circuitry intertwined with green foliage, brain-shaped nodes interconnected with geometric lines, generating AI insights
brain on a pan violet
generate an image like a draw minimal style black and white pencil comix minimal style, representing brain strategies for memorizing and remembering a vocabulart
A brain ,high quality , 8k , white background with nice color and calm color , in digital illustration style
Brain and chip
cool image of brain
A magazine cover with a brain in a jar, and is connected to lots of wires. The overall color scheme should be cold and in cyberpunk style, mainly composed of blue-ish colors. The tone of the cover should be serious and venerating. A huge computer should be included in the background, with the wires also connected to it. The brain should be presented as a combination of both a physical brain and an electronic + virtual brain.

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