Placeholder: Dessin terre plate, un soleil qui se lève avec vue de l'espace Dessin terre plate, un soleil qui se lève avec vue de l'espace



Dessin terre plate, un soleil qui se lève avec vue de l'espace

15 days ago

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Red sun eclipsed by alien planet
We all know we have a finite amount of time before the sun implodes and begins to swallow up the galaxy. Instead of trying to find a new home in this dimension, instead, humankind forges a new path into a different one. But, how will the inhabitants of this parallel universe react to the new arrivals?
• an alien city beneath a vantablack sun, by Quentin mabille, james jean,Takeshi Oga, dan mumford, eve ventrue, ayami kojima, artstation,epic scifi blackhole interplanetary spacecore , mysterious eeries ineffable mood, very detailed, negative space, massive scale, centered composition, anamorphic, 4k
plateforme champigon, futur, paysage grandiose, cosmique faisceau limineux
4k, hyper-realistic, Ultra-HD, Ray-tracing, alien planet, Setting sun, sunset, milky way, planet with asteroid belt
A portal opens up between two parallel universes, and from it comes the alternate version of yourself. Both of you are frustrated with your current lives and agree to swap places for a week to see what it is like in the other world. But, when the time comes, will either side be willing to swap back?
A sun setting in a dying universe
ocean on extraterrestrial planet, mountains, billions of stars in the sky, waves of beautiful light, different reality, enlightenment, wisdom, eternity
Cosmic planet landscape empty sky illustration.
экзопланета вид из космоса 4к фото реалистичность
blue planet earth seen from secret alien base on the moon
cosmic landscape one planet in foreground

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