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Golden skin of God under the microscope

12 days ago

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gold face 8k
صورت با شبکه های عصبی طلایی
photorealistic, anatomically, physically correct full-length male body of an future AI cyborg. The face representing the horror and beauty of future technology. The AI's cyborg golden glowing eyes somehow represent eyes like one of a human . The body features futuristic, intricate futuristic designs all across the robots body. Front view.
queen girl gold texture
Mind Bending Photography: close angle shot of Hybrid-Amalgamation/Blend of a Dark mexican x a VooDoo Queen, Multiplied Face-amalgamation X Depth and Dimension in a Disarrayed-Fractal deplth Organization, isometric Multiplication-Blend Random-isometric on vanishing point, Visual Balance Change Your Perspective, Golden Rule, Capture Movement, Find a Relationship Between Elements. Depth of field. Hyper realistic. Intricately-detailed. Fauvism. HDR. Cinematic. SSAO. UHD, 8k, Raw.
gold glitter
The Strangers. Lost BBC show from 1965, surreal fashion, deep dark rich colors with a little gold, magic geometry, reminiscent of abstract luxury, minimalist abstract pattern with dots and lines, clean with some abstract elements, with dark colors , trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by Gustav Klimt, Antonio Gaudi, greg rutkowski, The Strangers. Lost BBC show from 1965, surreal minimalism, abstract ,deep dark rich colors,
صورت با شبکه های عصبی طلایی
Raytraycing, glitchy-algorithmic surreal sculpture, cinematic, cinematic shot, dynamic composition, details, intricate detail, professional lighting, film lighting, 35mm, anamorphic, lightroom, cinematography, bokeh, lens flare, film grain, hdr10, 8k, Roger Deakins, incredibly detailed, reflect, sharpen
art from the 'art of control' collection by jasper harvey, in the style of futuristic optics, silver and gold, detailed facial features, swirling vortexes, 8k 3d, whimsical cyborgs, made of crystals --ar 150:187 --s 750 --v 5. 2 --style raw

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