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a pretty lady on the beach

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Summer lady
Spring lady
slim young woman in dress and with hat on erwin blumenfeld style cinemattic highlights detailled real wide and depth atmosphere
(blonde cowgirl 30 yo with long eyelashes and eye shadow) in Tombstone, AZ 1898, by Gil Elvgren, Alex Ross, and Carne Griffiths
mexican cote d'azur young woman
a portrait (1woman, russian) in (steampunk) style clothes, (sitting:1.1), (medium full shot), oil painting, beautiful colors, body art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio shot, intricate detail, highly detailed, (ocean) in the background, by WLOP, by Greg Rutkowski
Pin-up, blonde, fine rendering, high detail, 8K,
Belle from beauty and the beast with daisys in her hair make her old school disney princess
Digital Art, Digital Masterpiece, High Definition, Colorful, Natural Illumination, Summer time, Sunny day, (low angle shot:2.5), (1 beautiful blonde girl:1.8), (sexy eyes:1.5), (looking back:1.5), (professional shot:1.2), beachside
Girl beauty stored safely away!! Neo-impressionism expressionist style oil painting :: smooth post-impressionist :: impasto acrylic painting :: thick layers of colorful textured paint.
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Buatkan gambar ilustrasi gadis berkerudung merah

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