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illyrian wife
Visualize a breathtaking 2D anime-style full-body illustration of Gal Gadot as the queen of ancient Egypt. Tom Bagshaw's influence is evident in the detailed and stylized features, complemented by Adobe Illustrator's flat design. The neutral colors and dark blue palette, inspired by color theory, create a harmonious and visually striking portrayal.
thracian priestess
Lady in ancient
mujer ARQUEOLOGA 40 años, tiene un rostro ovalado y definido, con pómulos ligeramente altos que le dan un aspecto enérgico y determinado. Su piel es clara y suele tener un tono bronceado por pasar largos periodos al aire libre durante sus excavaciones. Tiene ojos avellana profundos y expresivos que reflejan su pasión por la arqueología. Su cabello es largo, de un tono oscuro y ligeramente ondulado,
((masterpiece)), (((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)), ((illustration)), ((disheveled hair)), ( beautiful detailed eyes), ( 1girl:1.2),(solo),((( with the Parthenon in the background))),(( leaning against the pillar)),((( A woman holding a Great Sword, Chrysaor ))) dynamic angle, (( A woman wearing knight's armor)),(( put on a cloak)) (black kneehighs:1.1),( starry tornado:1.4), starry Nebula, ((frills)), beautiful detailed sky, beautiful detailed eyes, evil smile, expressionless, hairs betwee
[woman in flesh, Phidias] Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, was depicted in all her glory. The majestic woman, adorned with intricate details and regal attire. From her fierce gaze, symbolizing her wisdom and strategic prowess, to the delicate folds of her garments.. her armor and accessories, shimmered with a radiant splendor. This combination of materials created a striking contrast and added to the statue's ethereal beauty. Athena Parthenos stood as a symbol of power, wisdom, and pr
retrato de mujer guerrera
When drawing Cleopatra, it's important to capture both her physical beauty and her commanding presence. Pay attention to details such as her facial features, hairstyle, and attire, as these elements are key to conveying her identity and character. Additionally, consider incorporating elements of ancient Egyptian and Hellenistic art styles to further evoke the historical context in which Cleopatra lived.
Portrait Art **Featured Art:** The Guided Warrior: A portrait of Joan in her armor, with a divine light illuminating her from above. This could symbolize her claim of acting under divine guidance. The light could be made up of words representing civil, public, and labor rights, showing her fight for justice. **Appearance:** art ideas that encapsulate the essence of Joan of Arc (an French female / women patron saint of France, honored as a defender of the French nation for her role in the siege o
cleopatra +18
mache ein bild von einer jungen Kleopatra

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