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decorative image of sunflower

8 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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A smiling sunflower
stylized sunflower bw
golden rose
Yellow Rose
شمس مثل الزهرة
Una flor de margarita
a daisy is so cute in sunlight, blurred background
A DAISY, natural volumetric cinematic perfect light, 135mm, photorealistic, no bokeh, good depth of field, award winning photo, beautiful composition, 16k, HDR, sharp focus, masterpiece
Crea una imagen impresionante que capture la esencia de la flor más hermosa del mundo. Imagina una flor única y exquisita, con pétalos resplandecientes y colores vibrantes que despierten emociones de asombro y admiración. Inspírate en la belleza incomparable de esta flor para componer una imagen que refleje su gracia y encanto inigualables.
Spirit of the Sunflower in the style of Joseph Mallord William Turner
"Imagine a Narcissus flower blooming in the warmth of a spring morning, its delicate petals unfurling gracefully. Each petal carries the vibrant hues of love, radiating warmth and joy. As you gently craft each detail of the flower, let your heart overflow with the tender emotions of love and affection. Infuse the essence of your happiness into every stroke, allowing the flower to embody the beauty and positivity that surrounds you. Let the Narcissus flower be a symbol of your love, flourishing

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