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10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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صورة فتاه
there lived a girl named Zone, whose beauty was unmatched and attracted people from far and wide
Girl with red hair c
(high resolution) (portrait), (little latino Asian girl), (harsh light), (intense shadows), (contrasting tones), (close-up), (edgy expression), ((emphasized features)), striking eyes, (unique angle), (bold composition), (intense mood), ((contoured features)), (strong personality), (realistic skin texture), (professional photography), (edgy fashion), (creative makeup), ((intense gaze)), (fierce beauty), (sharp details), ((fashion model)), ((high cheekbones)), (dark brown eyes)
an amazing portrait of A contemplative woman whose ethereal beauty mirrors her profound thoughts on existence., cool clothing, dark colors, macabre, horror, perfect eyes, perfect face, perfect body, Cinematic, Color Grading, Film Grain, Photography, Photoshoot, 35mm, Fujifilm Superia, Depth of Field, Field of View, Blur Effect, F/2.8, Vignette, Dark, Dark Mode, insanely detailed, hypermaximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, full head shot, portrait, keep in frame, looking at viewer, facing forward
pretty girl, aged 14, ginger, conventionally attractive, colourful clothes, realistic
women, 25 years, brown long hair, brown eyes, long black dress, goth
Castiel and Dean Winchester's daughter, a twelve years old girl, dark blue eyes, dark brown hair, freckles on her cheeks, wearing plaid.
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