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Snow white

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Snow white
snow white
Disney Snow White teenager
aesthetic princess belle
snow white from the disney
una niña con la piel tan blanca como la nieve, de labios carmesíes y cabello oscuro, con una dulzura en sus mejillas y ojos
a 16 year old woman, white skin, medium length wawy black hair, beautiful round face, black eyes, round body, in a white dress, realistic epic fantasy style
Schne eule
Blancanieves, niña inocente
Snow White is depicted as a kind and gentle princess with a sweet demeanor. She has a pale complexion, rosy cheeks, and large, expressive eyes. Snow White's hair is jet black and styled in a bob cut with a red ribbon headband. Her outfit consists of a high-collared, puff-sleeved yellow dress with a blue bodice adorned with red and yellow puffed sleeves. The dress is cinched at the waist with a red ribbon, and she wears yellow shoes with a bow.
Belle from beauty and the beast with daisys in her hair make her animated more daisys and dark brown eyes

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