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السياف اساسنز كريد ميراج

22 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Totalitarian brutalist angel wielding sword descends from aura of light in war torn wasteland
create a render: In the cosmic expanse, a celestial battlefield unfolds, a realm where angels and demons engage in a titanic struggle that reverberates through the heavens. In the style reminiscent of Jorge Jacinto's visionary artistry, envision the epic clash as ethereal beings of divine light and shadowy malevolence collide amidst celestial clouds and astral energies. Capture the intensity of their cosmic conflict, where the forces of good and evil meet in a visually stunning spectacle of othe
acid trip fantasy weapon sword
archangel metatron
Archangel with 6 wings, full body, intricate red armor, sword in the hand, ornate, cinematic lighting, focused, high details, standing on fire and flames, lightbeam, light ray, digital painting, digital illustration, extreme detail, digital art, 4k, ultra hd, beautiful fantasy landscape, realistic and natural, cosmic sky, detailed full-color, nature, hd photography, fantasy by john stephens, galen rowell, david muench, james mccarthy, hirō isono, realistic surrealism, elements b
شعار تايريل
anime warrior king heaven angel handsome powerful strong closeup surreal sci fi futuristic
silver and gold armor with glowing red eyes, and a ghostly red flowing cape, crimson trim flows throughout the armor, the helmet is fully covering the face, black and red spikes erupt from the shoulder pads, crimson and gold angel like wings are erupting from the back, red lighting arch erupting from the back as well, crimson hair coming out the helmet
Giovane uomo guerriero con barba armatura dorata senza elmo, ali bianche, paesaggio galattico eterico luminoso cristalli vari colori
older skeleton, angry, dressing a long black, dirty and old tunique, dirty hood, long old and dirty sleeves, big dirty black bird style wings, black old and dirty armor, golden neck lace, big key and sand clock, hells gate behind, darkness, dusty.
Fallen angel, black feathered wings, battle damaged paladin armor, helmet, royal blue loincloth, white and gold armor, sword of light, ruined chapel location, floating above ground
crazy acid trip fantasy weapon sword full

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