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70s sci fi art

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[art by Bruce Pennington]
scifi art in the style of a 1960s book cover with a space station on an alien planet
landscape (, picture, portrait) -- ( extraterrestrial civilizations, mystery, ancient technologies, Atlantis, , pyramid, James Spader, Jay Davidson, matrix collapses, (Mandela effect), (people) (humanoids), (stargate), (multiverse), (parallel world), (mysticism), (UFO), (other worlds). (painting, graphics, pastel, acrylic paint, watercolor) (high resolution, realistic art style, (ultra-realistic), (dramatic, cinematic lighting), hyper-realistic, focused, 4k, 8k, HDR, photorealism, professional p
An oil painting in the style of the science fiction book covers from the 1960s. A small solitary rocket streaks across the picturesque starry sky, traversing the vast desert landscape of sand and rock below. In the distance, mysterious skyscrapers and an exotic city emerge on an undiscovered planet.
extra-terrestrial ennemies, retro futurist style, 70's, 2D video game
Une planète vierge comme Mars habitée par l'homme avec un GRAND VAISSEAU FUTURISTE en premier plan
Science Fiction Stories
rocks, mountains, 2000's sci-fi movies influence, fantasy, rodolphe wytsman, and charles leickert impressionism paintings
Freedom from the constraints of myopic social traditions , Tracy Adams , Gabriel Pacheco , Douglas Smith , Bill Sienkiewicz, and Jean Giraud Moebius create an abstract surreal landscape, rich natural color, sharp focus, art from beyond, asymmetric,
Bruce Pennington’s 1974 cover art for “Beyond This Horizon,” by Robert Heinlein
Amazing landscape of Roger Dean style futuristic multi-color organic forms. Girls in cute red translucent revealing uniforms hunt giant alien insects amidst a scenery of fields of exotic fauna and flora. Tube city and their male counterparts in the background .
Город будушего город мечты в стиле пост модерн

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