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A portrait of Vi from Arcane

7 months ago

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Shild Fire
girls big eye small
professional portrait, (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), full shot body photo of a beautiful women with short dress , long wavy hair with a single braid, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, photorealistic, strawberry ginger hair, malachite eyes, three point lighting, city at night in the background with bokeh. dslr, f2.0, 19 years old
1 girl,portrait, beautiful,tiefling, bard, purple skin, fiery glowing eyes, A pair of symmetrical horns protruding from her forehead, long black hair tied up in a ponytail and braided sidebangs
A sepia (((retro coffee house))), with vibrant colors, featuring a and a that exudes an era of youthful rebellion and iconic style
shadows fantasy symbol
portrait,beautiful robot, post-apocalyptic in a cyberpunk city, realistic, intriacte detail, sci-fi fantasy style, volumetric lighting, particales,highly detailed,cinamatic, deep colours,8k
pattern, learn language,
M + D
sombra de homunculos
Faça uma garota, de 13 anos, com cabelo preto q chega aos ombros, olhos castanhos, com sardas, franja e com o braço machucado

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