Placeholder: Hyper-realistic sculpture ice sculpture a bright ice flower in sky blue silver background Hyper-realistic sculpture ice sculpture a bright ice flower in sky blue silver background



Hyper-realistic sculpture ice sculpture a bright ice flower in sky blue silver background

deformed, blurry, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, blurry, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, malformed hands, blur, out of focus, long neck, long body, mutated hands and fingers, out of frame, bad anatomy, painting, asymmetrical, old, disfigured, cartoon, drawing, sketch, clos, out of frame, broken teeth, bad teeth, crook teeth, disfigured fingers, disfigured face.

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3328 × 4992


water sculpture in the form of delicate petals gently flowing towards each other. The upper part of the sculpture would be a distorting mirror surface, creating distorted reflections
стройный многолепестковый цветок синемалинового градиента на темном фоне с глубокой теплой подсветкой
Create a breathtaking crystal quartz glass sculpture of a delicate butterfly embodying mesmerizing translucent effects against a plain dark shaded background. Craft a scene where the interplay of light and glass produces a captivating visual symphony. Consider the intricacies of the sculpture's form, the subtle nuances of transparency, and the contrast against the deep darkness of the backdrop to elevate the overall aesthetic. Let your imagination fuse with the essence of the butterfly to evoke
surreal cyan bright holy flower
Blue bizarre flower
blue crystal lotus flower, in the morning dew, on a glass surface, flowers made of the finest gold threads and translucent glass, tiny gold accents and tiny little glowing incredibly beautiful gemstones, beautifully and intricately detailed, ethereal sparkle, whimsical art by Mschiffer, best quality, glass art, magical holographic glow, ethereal fantasy, hyper detailed
epic a full-size photo of a Tacca chantrieri flower with innumerable petals, front illumination only, forest background, magic wake, fantasy illustration, sparks, glitter, grainy, noise, fractal crack effect, cinematic, deep depth of field, 3D, 16k resolution photorealistic, a masterpiece, breathtaking intricate details, reflective catchlights, high quality, abstract vector fractal, wave function, Zentangle, 3d shading
Szklana róża
A decoration for fashion with chrysanthemum petals in organza sewed tighter to make a 3d flower
award winning photograph of a Stunning filigree METAL Orchid with reflective metal white-silver petals and platinum metal leaves, dramatic crushed dark red velvet backdrop, perfect showroom lighting, cinematic shot fitting of a jewelry magazine, dark space sky, intricate mech details, ground level shot, 64K resolution, Cinema 4D, Behance HD, polished metal, ultra maxamalism
des fleurs en cristaux avec des arbres avec une plaine
book cover for a flower , 3D vector art , cute and quirky , fantasy art , watercolor effect , bokeh adobe illustrator , low-pol , soft lighting , isometric style, retro aesthetic , focused on the character , 4k resolution , photorealistic rendering , using cinema 4k , couleurs vives ,a

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