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Kandinsky 2.2

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Elve family, a elve house, located in a magical forest, realistic detail, high resolution.
OP • 7h ago fantasy, medieval painting, cozy cottage in a forest setting, overgrown flowers --ar 3:4 --style raw-bE80pIoCIeRgKFKI --v 5.2 --s 750
real, fantasy, complex, mansion, mystical, magical, stunning, vivid, beautiful
family house in forest lake clouds sun
medieval cottage, on a hill
In this chapter, Jason appears as a rational person who does not believe in myths and legends, as he decides to complete the deal to buy the old house despite the vague warnings given by the locals. The description describes the photo of Jason and his family deciding to make the house their shelter, and how the first weeks pass quietly without strange events. The emphasis is placed on the tranquility of the nights and the look of the house that appears naturally, creating a contrast between the
rumah impian
Загадковий будинок: Старовинний будинок, відомий як "Будинок Примар", викликає страх і цікавість у місцевих мешканців.
a tiny house, nestled in the uppermost branches of a towering tree, providing a cozy and secluded sanctuary amidst the dense foliage of a vibrant forest. The air is filled with the earthy scent of moss and leaves, and the gentle rustling of the wind creates a soothing melody. The mood is whimsical and inviting, with a touch of mystery and adventure. A mix of realism and fantasy, capturing the magic of nature's embrace. Watercolor washes and intricate line work, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau mov
hobbit home in the style of, sinister, gore, morbid, horror, eerie, dark fantasy; HDR, UHD, TXAA, 8k, Ralph Steadman, Seb Mckinnon, impressionism, dadaism, surrealism

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