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Spinach with sauce

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((Zoom out)), Glass bowl filled with creamy yogurt topped with a beautiful arrangement of some blueberries, Editorial Photography, Photography Shot on 70mm lens Depth of Field Bokeh DOF Tilt Blur Shutter Speed 1/1000 F/22 White Balance, 32k Super-Resolution white background.
Amazing photo, Delicious and juicy, salad, Food photography, Gourmet, f2, 8, 50mm lens, Intricately detailed, 8k,
Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Eating: The Benefits of a Vegan Diet
Ravioli , cooking photo, realistic Verona style ,smooth, god rays, unreal engine 5, ray tracing, RTX, lumen lighting, ultra detail, volumetric lighting
greek salad. HD. highly detailed. 8k. 35mm, F/2.8. background blurry bokeh
Film still in the style of a 2020s cooking programme, close up of a plate of food consisting of sea bass fillets sitting on a bed of broccoli with a few capers. Natural light, global illumination, uplight f/1.8
Burrata Salad. Realistic photo. HD. Glowing. 3d style
assorted vegetables, food photography
Close up view of a hot cup of freshly brewed black tea. The steam rises in wispy curls off the surface of the pale green liquid. Fresh mint leaves float on top of the tea. The cup sits on a wooden table with sunlight streaming in from a nearby window. Extremely detailed image.