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eyes of a girl with long eyelashes 8k

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


An extreme close-up, ultra-realistic portrait of a strikingly beautiful 20-year-old girl with white descent, embodying the finest qualities of analog photography. The image showcases deep, rich textures and a significant depth characteristic of high-quality analog film. The lighting is meticulously arranged, with one side of her face enveloped in a soft, warm red light, while the other side is cast in a cool blue, emphasizing her flawless skin and delicate freckles. Her introspective gaze is sli
She is an only child, abandoned by everyone who loves her
بنت جميله
picture of the girl
photo of a 20 years old girl with brown shiny eyes, blonde hair in a ponytail, deeply depressed expression, rounded cheeks with some freckles, fit strong body
A beautiful veiled Muslim girl looks at the camera
Castiel and Dean Winchester's daughter, a twelve years old girl, dark blue eyes, dark brown hair, freckles on her cheeks, wearing plaid.
best quality,4k,8k,highres,masterpiece:1.2),ultra-detailed,(realistic,photorealistic,photo-realistic:1.37),HDR,UHD,studio lighting,ultra-fine painting,sharp focus,physically-based rendering,extreme detail description,professional,vivid colors,bokeh,portraits,landscape In this prompt, I want you to imagine a high-quality artwork based on the theme of GENSHIN IMPACT and Xu Tao.
The other side of the humans in black and white But there will be a normal person
kız portre yağlı boya
Beautiful eyes of an oriental girl with long eyelashes, on a black background 8k
an amazing portrait of A contemplative woman whose ethereal beauty mirrors her profound thoughts on existence., cool clothing, dark colors, macabre, horror, perfect eyes, perfect face, perfect body, Cinematic, Color Grading, Film Grain, Photography, Photoshoot, 35mm, Fujifilm Superia, Depth of Field, Field of View, Blur Effect, F/2.8, Vignette, Dark, Dark Mode, insanely detailed, hypermaximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, full head shot, portrait, keep in frame, looking at viewer, facing forward

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