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photo of human ghost skin white bird head

23 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


A dove with its eyes around it
Black parrot Portrait
black raven portrait that wearing gothic clothes
A sad dove
Fotografia realista de un aguila arpia
Fotografia realista de un aguila arpia
Intricate, detailed, dark and mysterious – a style reminiscent of Gustave Doré. Rich, deep blacks and grays, with a single shaft of light illuminating the central figure. The mood is somber, foreboding, with a sense of unease and tension. A close-up perspective, focusing on the crow's piercing eyes and glossy, iridescent feathers. The setting is a moonlit graveyard, with craggy, gnarled tombstones and overgrown, twisted trees. The time of day is midnight, with a full, swollen moon casting eerie
african grey parrot
Closeup of a white owl. Evil. Dark. Black magic. No detailed background.Magical. Epic. Dramatic, highly detailed, digital painting, masterpiece Negative: worst quality, blurry, bad quality, grayscale,malformed face, deformed, deformed face, deformations
Alexei Bird
طائر حمامة زاجل
a hyper-surreal grotesque insane strange man embedded in another disgusting hyper-surreal woman animal of light color, other man like insane bird is born from all this amalgame of flesh in a monstrous way, show complete entire bodies, dull sick colors, grotesque background, Super-detailed, Ultra-realistic, Studio Quality, 48k / HD, Normal Contrast, hyper Realistic Shadows, octane Rendering, Sharp Focus

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