Placeholder: mist shadows,autumn season,brown colors,reflections,dramatic scene mist shadows,autumn season,brown colors,reflections,dramatic scene



mist shadows,autumn season,brown colors,reflections,dramatic scene

nude, nsfw, text, letters, too many feet, too many fingers, long neck, 2 heads, duplicate, abstract, disfigured, deformed, toy, figure, framed, disfigured, bad art, deformed, poorly drawn, extra limbs, weird colors, 2 heads, elongated body, cropped image, out of frame, draft, deformed hands, twisted fingers, double image, malformed hands, multiple heads, extra limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, cut-off, over satured, grain, lowères, bad anatomy, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, f

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5120 × 2880


Утренний осенний пейзаж
create a 1920x1080 wallpaper montenegro sharper
create a 1920x1080 wallpaper montenegro
Осенне утро, лес, солнце, синее небо, фотографическая точность
mist shadows,summer season,reflections,dramatic scene
A serene sunrise scene by a tranquil lake with a small house on the shore. The sky is a beautiful gradient of warm colors reflected in the calm water, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
"The Changing of the Seasons, the Adirondack Mountains, lakes and forests, Maple leafs, intricate details, HDR, beautifully shot, hyperrealistic, sharp focus, 64 megapixels, perfect composition, high contrast, cinematic, atmospheric, moody, 8k resolution concept art, deep color, orange & red hudson river school, Fall"
fir forrest,night in a valley,mist shadows,spring season,reflections,dramatic scene
mist shadows,winter season,brown colors,reflections,dramatic scene
autumn scenery illustration, detailed lake, Nikon z8 camera, Nikon 70-200mm f/1.8 long exposure lens dynamic, starry sky, ultra hd, realistic, vivid colors, highly detailed, UHD design, "Reflective photography"
The dream of autumn woke up again The river is full of enchantment Autumn with bitterness and sweets It sinks our heart into itself The leaves danced with the wind The song of sadness and happiness laughs in their hearts The dream of autumn is engraved in our hearts Sleep makes life incomplete

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