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Disappointed ninja

9 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Vector ninja design, Craft a minimalist ninja design with clean lines and simple yet striking graphics. Focus on a monochromatic or limited color palette for a modern, understated look
plano alejado de un ninja con ropa de combate negra, ambiente de fabrica urbana con tonos grises y obsuros con niebla, portando en una de sus manos una espada
hidden rain ninja
evils female indonesia ninja with red light eyes and dark shadow has a Dark Sword (hidden shadow monster)
Dark shadow ninja
Donnie rottmnt as a goth
schwarzer einfacher ninja
Ninja portrait , black suite, in the night Alps , angels background, volumetric gold light, high detail, dark leaf tree, dark mountains in background, perfect, HR Giger style
Dark shadow ninja with fiery eyes holding long straight katana, full body Raw, realistic HD 4K
Andrew Koji, Sub-Zero, ice war, fighting, movie, 4k, HD, VFX, adult, fighting, mortal kombat X aesthetics, highly detailed, dark atmosphere, detailed face, CGI, WLOP, realistic photography, full body, realistic photography, sci-fi, blue-white gel lighting, highly detailed, blue and black costume, illustrator, movie 2024, realism, super realistic, detailed setting, detailed costumes, very real face
small ninja with black hair and a wooden staff in the night in a forest

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