Placeholder: Male Wizard Professor, Black hair, short beard, vampire Male Wizard Professor, Black hair, short beard, vampire



Male Wizard Professor, Black hair, short beard, vampire

animated, no hats

17 days ago

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Vampire, portrait, Victorian, painting, Dracula
Italian vampire man coroner with black smoke Buffon face
portrait of loki
painting of a handsome victorian vampire looking directly to the left
the dark butler, young elf with dark hair, dark clothes, shadow magic, expressive eyes
Charming masculine human male rogue dnd 5e devilishly good looks mysterious dark fiendish little bit cocky dark hair
man, long oily black hair, thin, muscular, emerald green eyes, tudor ruffle collar, reseeding hair line, black robe, rich.
vampire priest
A white male with black hair, blue eyes, in fine noble medieval fantasy clothes.
Young handsome vampire with goatee and brown hair fantasy art
Through trials and sacrifices, Victor faced his own demons, resisting the call of the night and the instinct to hunt. Miraculously, his transformation began. The once fearsome vampire found himself becoming more human with each passing day, shedding the darkness that had consumed him.
a bloodborne style, really buff, tall, bald, white man, wearing only tattered clothing, no hat

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