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drone-based, building and window

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


City building, line art, hand drawing style, only outline.
Dream city skyscraper
Necromancy modern technological city with buildings, neighborhoods, streets, shops, view from the heights.
• Infrastructure • Transportation • Leisure center • Vegetation • Skyscrapers • Bustling • Prosperous • Cosmopolitan ARCHITECTURE
architecture drawing of a house made of black metal, diagram, technical drawing, stunning design
isometry of a rectangular block where it is affected by the noise generated by cars on the avenue located opposite it, modern minimalist style, it is facing an avenue
An eVTOL flying over a city, a cruise ship docked in the harbor, lifelike photo.
corporate building
Skyscraper future
une tour moderne avec des étages qui sont reliés entre eux par des ponts avec ; il y aura a chaque etages de la végétation et des vitres bleu fonce
futuristic New York City skyline with new building towering above the old taken from above.
infinitely tall tower in a desert