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Kandinsky 2.2

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Create an attractive anime drawing of a humanoid fox character embodying the features of a male fox. This character exudes an air of strength and resilience, dressed in a hoodie and leather gloves that showcase their warrior nature. The hoodie can bear symbolic markings or emblems representing the character's journey and personal history. In a dramatic shot, the character is depicted in a state of deep sadness and seriousness. Their eyes reflect the weight of their experiences, hinting at the p
A cute fox with glasses, who carries wood planks and wearing a lab coat
Buff anthro wolf himbo with black fur and gold eyes wearing a suit
realistic fox lady teacher
portrét lišky učitelky s otevřenou knihou českého jazyka
A cute fox wearing a vintage hat and reading a mystery book
Leenie Boog, monstrous anthropomorphic fox, Supernatural
Make a Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time styled oc. He is a raccoon with sleek, charcoal-gray fur and emerald-green eyes. He has a sly and mischievous expression, with a black mask-like pattern around his eyes. He wears a tattered, dark blue bandit's outfit with a red sash and a feathered hat that adds to his roguish charm. He also sports a leather pouch at the base of his tail for carrying stolen treasures.
a human fox sit in a chair, at a house, ghibli style
Squrriel fursona, fullsuit
fox as bus driver

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