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Ворота и странник,стиль Василия Верещагина
artwork about a lonely man walking meandering countryside hills in the far distance, painted by thomas moran and albert bierstadt. monochrome color scheme.
by peter de seve, (masterful but extremely beautiful:1.4), (masterpiece, best quality:1.4) , in the style of nicola samori, cinematography, otherworldly monolithic structure dominates a desolate plain, stark contrast, flat horizon, solitary monument, anamorphic cinematography, shot on arri alexa mini, panoramic view, towering, monumental, barren ground, harsh light, arid, earthy tones, leading lines, desolation, anamorphic flare, lens distortion, denis villeneuve style, brutalism, minimalism cu
Cavern by Zdzisław Beksiński oil painting dark fantasy dragon sword dwarf
The Holy Valley in Sinai and the holy place In which God Almighty is revealed To our Master Moses, peace be upon him, and his speech about it
Night, rocks, mountains, very epic, horror movies influence, japanese manga style, friedrich eckenfelder, emile claus, and auguste oleffe impressionism paintings
oil painting, an old track on a tall cliff, a man standing on the cliff and looking at the flooded city below him
Night, rocks, mountains, very epic, 90's sci-fi movies influence, trascendent and infinite influence, charles leickert impressionism paintings
Night, clouds, mountains, rocks, rocky land, rodolphe wytsman impressionism paintings
Night, mountains, rocks, rodolphe wytsman and friedrich eckenfelder impressionism paintings
Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between
An abandoned village on a mountain shrouded in shadows painted by Francis Danby

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