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sun and moon

3 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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The moon and the sun unites
Yin Yang smoke art, Hyperrealistic stunning Master piece, sharp wide lense, Cinematic Lighting, Electric Colors, highly detailed, sharp focus, smooth, mystical colors, beautiful Lighting, 32k, stunning scene, epic, intricate, smooth, Greg Rutkowski, cel-shaded, 16k resolution, 8k 3D, 64 Megapixels, 8k3d, Ultra-HD, Adobe RGB, 4D, Dichromatism, 360 Panorama, DSLR,Ultra HD, 32k, rendered in Cinema 4D
the sun but its an eye
Indio solari
Mistyczna szkoła centralnego słońca wiedza unitarna, centralizacja energetyczna i nauczanie
a sun in the night
the sun
Moon and sun love
Visual representation of energy & hearts, colorful darkness high definition deep. earth and sun. ying yang
Psychedelic space . Capture this transcendent moment with a 135mm+ lens for a realistic photograph, emphasizing the intricate details of the chakras and the cosmic wonders surrounding them. The resolution should be 8K, ensuring exceptional clarity in both the chakras and the cosmic vista.)))2. Artistic Image:```vbnet(((. Suspended in the cosmic void, each chakra radiates its unique energy and symbolism, creating a harmonious dance of colors and lights

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