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light house near stormy sea

10 months ago

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A lighthouse standing tall amidst stormy seas, guiding a small boat safely to shore, symbolizing the protective guidance and support parents offer their children during life's challenges
imaginary light house in 2080
An old grey stone lighthouse, towering ominously against a backdrop of((a small, abandoned wooden lifeboat bobbing in stormy rolling waves))) and a (((dense fog bank)))crawling onto the lighthouse (((a dark, stormy night))) . The structure casts a (mysterious glow) across the churning waters."
Navrhni mi obrázok kde bude maják na ľavej strane a miesto svetla buďe horieť oheň ktorý sa odráža na kľudné more na ktorom je malá loďka na ktorej sa plaví pirát ktorého nieje moc vidieť a v zadu svieťi mesiac z poza oblakov a je hlboká noc
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strong waves crashing down on a lighthouse, artstation
painting of a lighthouse on a stormy night at dusk with just a hint of sunlight and the lighthouse casting a ray of light
Man spends a sleepless night inside a dark lighthouse in a delusional state haunted by ghostly images, paint it in the baroque style, as if the man is horrified
Suggest me a picture where the lighthouse on the left side will be destroyed and instead of the light there will be a fire burning and reflecting from the golden wall on the right side of the sea to the calm sea on which there is a small boat on which a pirate is sailing and only his outline is visible and in the back there is the moon from behind the clouds and it is a deep night until you can hardly see from the fire shining from the lighthouse and the beam of light from the fire is falling on
A lighthouse shining its beacon across a dark sea, symbolizing guidance, leadership, and navigating toward a brighter future.
Imaginary light house 2080

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