Placeholder: A person in a room is mentally disturbed A person in a room is mentally disturbed



A person in a room is mentally disturbed

10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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A person in a room is mentally disturbed
sketch of a scary dark room wall with a locked door white background
Interior in detailed pen strokes
small living room 4 point perspective shading with pen ink
sketch a scary empty room.
Alone gile in dark room with sitdaow
depression, sadness, sorrowful, melancholy, gloomy, desolate, somber, isolated, empty, dark, overwhelming, haunting, hauntingly, eerie, haunting, heavy, suffocating, oppressive, anxious, heavy-hearted, disheartened, dejected, despondent, forlorn, hopeless, somber, gloomy, bleak, somber, grim, hostile, abandoned, deserted, decaying, desolate, crumbling, rundown, neglected, dilapidated, urban, industrial, moonlit, starlit, shadowy, misty, foggy, dimly lit, ghostly, silent, lifeless, barren
Isolation: A picture of a person sitting alone in a dark room, avoiding social interactions and preferring solitude
رسمة لشخص يعزف وهو حزين
A lonely figure, their sketches reflecting the sadness of their heart.
رسمة بالرصاص رجلان يفتحان باب في اخر الممر
Ilustrasi gadis yang duduk di atas tempat tidur di sore hari. Wajahnya murung dan sedih.

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