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gothic lighting and make it grimy

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Kandinsky 2.2

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night cloister inside piercing moonlight
In the midst of this cursed and Dark World, Alexander approaches the door of a dark dungeon teeming with secrets and lost souls. The echo of his steps pops up in the narrow corridors as an echo reacting to the whispering sounds hiding in the corners of the darkness. When he cautiously opens the door, the walls of the cell greet him as a book unfolds successively, almost inhaling the pain and anguish accumulated in this deserted place. Cloudy and pale formalities appear before Alexander, ghosts
Oblivion, Time Travels, Zephyr, Insouciant, Ephemeral, Gothic, octane rendered, unreal engine, high resolution, masterpiece, high contrast, 8k, cinematic lights
story takes mezzanines room measuring 4.5 meters wide, and 4.5 meters long
No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it; M. C. Escher
window, gothic, darkness
صور مظلمة تعكس جو الرعب داخل المدرسة والمكتبة القديمتين
رسم غرفة مظلمة على يمينها باب مغلق في قصر حجري رهيب
In the heart of a small town shrouded in darkness, an old and abandoned hospital appears as a symbol of dark secrets and mysterious legends. Its ancient towers rise into the night sky like eerie shadows, and its crumbling walls bear traces of time and gloomy hollows. The borders of the abandoned hospital extend to the night horizon, where fog creeps around its muted columns and mixes with the cold air. The whispering sound of wind crept between the folds of the building, adding a terrifying ton
a mansion withh 77 rooms, the interior, all 77 rooms how they look like
Black nature in an abandoned mansion .

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